What is depression?

Often depression is not seen as a genuine health condition and misunderstood. It seen as  something that you can get over it or snap out of it easily. In reality, it is a real illness with real symptoms and it isn’t a sign of weakness. Depression is not something you can easily get out of it. From time to time, you may experience low mood. There are many reasons which can trigger depression. When you go through depression, you may feel sad, tired, angry and worried most of the time. Getting on with everyday activities van get harder and harder. As a result, you may experience lack of motivation, loss of pleasurable activities, loss of interest in sex, irritability, crying, difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness, social withdrawal and other symptoms.

How counselling can help?

NICE Guidelines indicate that counselling  can be an effective treatment for depression. (NICE 2019).Counselling provides a no-judgmental environment where you can talk about your issues around depression. Negative thoughts are quite common with depression. As a result, you may be drawn in to focusing the negative aspects of life and the world around you. Counselling helps you to understand and explore the root of depression. Also, counselling can help you with dealing with the negative thoughts. Additionally, counselling equips you with tools and techniques to manage depression. Which can help you with gaining back control of your life. Finally, if you wish to find out more or book a counselling session please click below and get in touch.