Anger Management Counselling

What is Anger 

Anger is described as a normal and a healthy emotion. But it becomes  problematic when you find it difficult to have it under control. Some of the signs of anger are increased heart rate and breathing faster. There are other signs, such as tension in shoulders or clenching your fists. (NHS 2019). There are many contributing factors which can trigger the anger. It can have an impact on our relationships, work-life and other aspects of our lives.

How can anger management counselling help you? 

Counselling can help you with exploring and identifying the roots of the anger. It can help you to recognise the triggers. Anger counselling can help you with developing a coping strategies to manage situations which lead to the outburst of anger. Counselling can assist you developing strategies which can help you with expressing anger in a safe manner.  Finally, if you wish to find out more or book a counselling session for anger management please click below and get in touch.